This is the first of a planned series of apps and companion video tutorials. This app uses Cramer's Rule to find the solution of a system of equations with 2 or 3 unknown variables.  Simply select your system (2x2 or 3x3), enter the coefficients of each variable along with the constants and touch "calculate".

Cramer's Rule

All of the intermediate determinants are provided as well as the final solutions.  For increased precision, change the round off value to any desired accuracy.  If you'd like to have your answer expressed as a fraction, simply use the intermediate determinants to create them!

To help you understand the process of applying Cramer's Rule, take a look at the tutorials we created.  They are linked below the screenshots. Between the app and the videos you'll become an expert at solving systems of equations!

Lesson 3:  Cramer's Rule, 2x2 Systems

Lesson 4:  Cramer's Rule, 3x3 Systems

Now here's where this app becomes really helpful!  At the bottom of the screen you'll see a "Help" button.  One touch provides all of the detailed calculations to help you with your homework.  The level of detail provided enables you to quickly and easily locate mistakes saving time and frustration in trying to figure out what went wrong!  Check out the screen shots below to see the level of detail this app provides. 

These are the help screens associated with the 3x3 systems.  The screen on the left shows each of the 4 determinants required.  Next to each determinant is another help button.  Touch help next to the determinant that you'd like more details and the screen on the far right will appear.  All the details are shown.  You can even choose to expand your determinant along any row or column using the drop down selection.

This is the help screen associated with the 2x2 system.  Each of the individual determinants are shown along with all of the detailed calculations.

Lesson 2:  How To Calculate A Determinant

Lesson 1:  How to use the app