Helping with math homework and concepts one app at a time.  Rymar Applications is developing a series of math apps and tutorials created to help with homework and concepts in algebra.  

Each app will have a corresponding video tutorial.  While the app provides the tools needed to help with the computations, the video explains and teaches the concept.  Each reinforces the other providing everything you need to master the skills needed to be successful.

Future projects include working with and graphing linear equations.  Slopes, intercepts, finding equations of a line, parallel and perpendicular lines, etc. - each presents its own set of challenges. The linear equation app and tutorial being developed now will help clarify what could very well be one of the most challenging topics at the introductory and intermediate algebra level.

The tutorials created for Rymar Applications are those of a mathematics professor with over 17 years experience so you can be confident that you're learning things the right way.

Rymar applications

Future Math Projects

  • Linear Equation Solutions
  • ​Quadratic Equations - solve equations using the quadratic formula or using complete the square
  • Open to suggestions!!
  • Gymnastics Meet Score Tracker - record and keep track of all gymnastics scores for a current meet as well as all previous meets.

Other non-math Projects in the works



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